I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that I despise wallets… they seem dated, unfashionable and oh-so-uncomfortable stuck up next to your right ass cheek… Could someone please design something fresh and practical???… Oh, what’s that?  there’s already something out there?  The Jimi??  Right on!!!

That’s right… the Jimi!  Made from 100% recycled plastic, the streamlined card and cash holder is meant for metro hippies young and old.  It is a compact, colorful, and water resistant answer to those nar, outdated leather wallets.  It is also recyclable and 1 percent of its sales is reinvested back to the environment… Sweet!!  Pick one up at the link listed above for $14.95… or for an extra buck get the JimiX, which features a moneyclip on the outside.



About Joshua Foss

Joshua is a leading voice for transformational change. He is the editor of Metro Hippie, co-founder and director of development of the Ecala Group, and adjunct faculty at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. He is also an ambassador for the Living Building Challenge and is a frequent speaker at national conferences, trade shows and summits.