Suweeeet!!!  I’ve been jones’n to use a garage door for a window on a project for a long time… now I can see what it looks like first hand!  Located in downtown Vancouver, Townline developed this 1168 Richards Street project, which features 12 units on 6 floors.

Now that’s urban living!

For those Canucks out there interested in utilizing a garage door opener in a unique way, I hate to break it to you, but all 12 of these units have been sold…. bummer I know.

Sorry… nothing too ‘green’ with this building.  Vancouver is however one of the greenest and most beautiful cities in the world… They have a very dense urban population in which everyone uses mass transit or walks.  They have made a strong effort to beautify the streets with trees, planters and accessible storefronts, resulting in more people walking and less people driving.  Vancouver is constantly regarded as the ‘most livable city’ in the world… I highly recommend making the trip if you have the means.


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