So apparently there are a lot of leftover cork stoppers from the wine industry.  Some opportunist out there discovered this and thought it might be a good a idea to do something clever with them… like turn them into a floor!

Produced as cork mosaic tiles, these innovative recycled floors are becoming increasingly available at showrooms around the country.  Here’s an example of one from Habitus:

Cork mosaics follow the same installation procedures as a glass or ceramic tile.  They come in sheets, are adhered to the ground, and are grouted and sealed.  With dozens of various colors to choose from and hundreds of grout options, the sky is the limit for creating a one-of-a-kind, custom floor.

The price point for cork mosaics sits between $12-20 dollars/sq ft… perhaps a bit spendy for larger areas, but perfect for turning that half bath into a conversation starter.  More info on this innovative, natural floor can be found HERE.


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