Activist Medora Woods picked up an incredible piece of property on the North Shore of Lake Superior.  With a small cabin existing on site, Woods hired Minneapolis architect Sarah Nettleton to completely rebuild it in a way that would reflect her commitment to the environment.  The team would dub it The Tofte Project and use it as a means to educate individuals interested in building green.  An interactive website was created, addressing each area that contributed to its eco-splendor… I highly recommend getting lost in the site HERE (after you’re done reading my little ditty, of course!).

A mere 945 sq ft, the Tofte Project made a substantial effort in minimizing both long and short-term impacts on its site… Over 95% of construction waste was either reused or recycled.

Also, the majority of the cabin’s energy needs are met with on-site solar and wind generators, and a ground source heat pump (geothermal).  Framing lumber is FSC certified or recycled and its unique roof is made from 75% recycled content while lasting three times longer than an asphalt shingle option.

The interior features pine that is locally sourced and formaldehyde free, low-VOC finishes.  Highly efficient appliances are used throughout the kitchen.  Also, plenty of strategically placed south facing windows flood the interior with natural daylight while improving ventilation.


All-in-all, an incredible effort on the part of everyone involved… Again, I highly encourage checking out the Tofte Project site for yourself.  I’ll save you from scrolling back to the top… the link again HERE.


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