There must be a god and She must really love me, ’cause it’s now clear that my life’s mission is to save up all the money I can until I can afford a Verdier Solar Power Camper!  Its a modern, metro hippified version of the original VW Westfalia Camper (which my fam had when I was a little tyke, btw).  Check out these pics!!!

Oh my goooooood!  This is too good to be true…. check this out in action:


It’s powered by a 200 horsepower hybrid (diesel or fuel) engine.  It also features solar panels on the camper roof, GPS navigation, wireless internet, and a sink with 4 spots for cooking….. That’s sick!!!… What else could it have… a bear-sensing taser?

Here’s a cool video from YouTube (I recommend turning your speakers off… ASAP):

and another shot, this one in ‘ocean’:

… you think it’s a rule that if you go camping with one of these, you have to bring two pairs of Marcel Breuer Wassily Chairs?

So the list price for the vacation-on-wheels is set at $69,000…. Could you imagine if you had this, the Tesla, and the Enertia moto in the same garage???  A man can dream…. A man can DREAM!!!


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