Kick off them shoes… Minnesota month is here and I have all 29 days this year to impress you with the North Star state’s eco-splendor.  Let’s go ahead and start things off with an incredible home in Minneapolis… the FlatPak by Lazor Office, a slice of prefabricated perfection… Bon Appetit!

Charlie Lazor is the man with the vision… He is one of the founders of Blu Dot, the beloved modern furniture company that lives by the motto “good design is good.”  On a mission to find a modern, affordable home for his family, Lazor hit a wall when he recognized that there really weren’t many great options out there…. So, as the great Gandhi coined, “be the change you want to see in the world.”  And that’s just what Charlie did by creating the first FlatPak home in 2005… word!

The home is located on a public bike trail and is comprised of 8′ x 8′ panels of various materials, including: glass, concrete, metal, wood, or cement fiberboard with different colors and finishes.  The components are assembled off site, then packed flat (get it?) in a box for shipping.  This distribution process allows more flexibility in the dimensions of the home…


The FlatPak has been stirring up a lot of interest since it was first assembled.  Lazor Office has since created several other floor plans and works full time with clients around the country.  The design process is very involved and caters to individual needs.  Also, the pricing sits around $140 sq/ft (contingent of location), making it a pretty affordable option for those modernists out there on a budget.

I met Charlie about a year back and he was a real delight to talk to…. I brought over a box of donuts for his office and I recall him being quite fond of the apple fritters…. So, if you are considering prefab for your next abode, give FlatPak some serious consideration… and go ahead and use the fritter to your advantage.


About Joshua Foss

Joshua is a leading voice for transformational change. He is the editor of Metro Hippie, co-founder and director of development of the Ecala Group, and adjunct faculty at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. He is also an ambassador for the Living Building Challenge and is a frequent speaker at national conferences, trade shows and summits.