So yeah… lust is one of the 7 deadly sins, but c’mon… this moto by Enertia is just off the charts on the hotness scale.  Can we please start with a picture?…. thank you.

I’m at a loss for words… This bike is an absolute work of art, like it’s pulled right out of RoboCop, or that futuristic movie with Emilio Estevez where he is a race car driver and is stolen from the past.  This machine has to be the definition of form follows function.  It looks like there’s not an excess piece of plastic, metal or leather on it….


One more?….  Sure thing!

This bike would hold its own on looks alone, but it gets better.  It is completely electric, which means it’s a Zero Emissions Vehicle (ZEV).  But, c’mon, the electricity comes from coal or nuclear or some other power plant right?  Maybe, but if you charged this bad boy (only takes 3 hours) with your solar or wind systems, you’d be a lot cooler… It gets you about 45 miles per charge.  Not great.  And it maxes out at 50 mph.  No fun for touring.  But for scootin’ around town and looking like a champion, it’s perfect.  They are being sold right now, starting at $11,995.

I think this would look pretty good next to the Tesla… what do you think?


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