Jessica Rosenkrantz… Jesse Louis-Rosenberg… Together, they are Nervous System, jewelry designers who use organic-inspired technology in place of chisels and precious metal.  Computer applications that copy patterns from nature have helped Nervous create a line of bracelets, pendants and earrings that is sure to set them apart.

Pictured above is the Radiolaria neckace, made from silicon rubber to resemble a plant cell or honey comb.  It’s not your typical $900 custom piece of jewelry… oh no!  it’s available for $75 on Nervous’ online shop!

In all honesty, it would be near impossible for me to see someone wearing this and not instantly be their best friend!… Let’s take a peak at the matching Radiolaria bracelet… this priced at $55, and Radiolaria earrings, starting at $40.

Beautiful work!  It really represents that perfect balance of technology and nature.  Mix in a dash of high style and you have a near perfect storm!

Other patterns that tickle Nervous’ creative fancy are coral and dendrite crystals…. The image below shows another set of earrings, the Dendrite, that mimics both of these natural elements… and is $35.


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