Here is perhaps my favorite cabin in the world… it is the Chicken Point Cabin by Tom Kundig of Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen Architects.  It is located lakeside in Northern Idaho and features something that I dream about regularly… a 20′ x 30′ window wall that opens to the great outdoors.  These guys (aka OSKA Architects) have been highly regarded and recognized nationally for years now… I encourage you to check out there site and see all their goods….

Very modern structure with industrial materials, but still warm and inviting.

Here’s the money shot… the wall opens manually with that little steering wheel thing on the block to the right… No engine malfunctions here!

I love the minimalism of the interior.  It warmly compliments the landscape with modern earth tones seen in the furnishings and accent walls… Fantastic use of lighting as well I might add…. really establishes a meloncholy atmosphere.

The cabin is made with really basic, durable materials… concrete floors, steel, plywood and concrete block ensure that maintainence will not be much of an issue.  Makes sense for a place that is utilized only a handful of months a year, eh?

LOVE this fireplace!… I won’t even waste my time and guess where it came from.

That’s all I have… hope you enjoyed this slice of eye candy!


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