There’s nothing worse than filling your pockets with various paraphernalia and sitting crookedly on a fatty-boombatty wallet, right?… right!  A simple solution that our maternal half discovered long ago is to store all these items in a bag, and carry it around seperately… what a novel idea!… This idea becomes even better when the bag you tote your goods around in is made from recycled materials.  Alchemy Goods is trying to cash in on these enlightened individuals.  Check out this line of messenger bags.


This bag, called the Haversack, is made by hand from recycled bicycle tubes.  Pretty cool… did you also note the strap on the pic above right?  That’s correct, it’s a seatbelt!… obviously recycled as well.

These little buggers come in a handful of colors, and have some nice features for storing stuff like pens, journals, keys, etc. The price point is at $88… Could be worse.

Alchemy also makes different products, including a larger messenger bag, wallets and card holders.

Update… 12.13.07.  I picked up one of these Haversacks a couple months ago from a super cool shop in St. Paul MN called Fast and Furless, which supplies only animal-free merchendise…. I totally dug the store, and totally dig the bag.  One of the best purchases I’ve made in a while… it holds a deceptive amount of paraphenalia, including 8.5 X 11 notebooks…. for reals!  If you have the means, I would highly recommend picking one up.


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