Bagir is a global innovator of high end tailored fashions.  They market their suits, coats and pants under various private labels including Pierre Balmain, Nicole Miller and Simon Carter.  Well yeah… what’s the big deal?  Big deal is they’re starting to make their suits out of organic cotton and PCW… aka post consumer waste!

The green line of suits I’m referring to is called the ECOGIR collection.  It features the ECOGIR Organic, a suit comprised of 100% organic cotton, inner materials of bamboo, and buttons made from dried seeds of the Tagua palm tree… suweet!

Also represented is the ECOGIR Recycled, which happens to be made out of 30 recycled plastic bottles!  Who knew you could be so fashionable and environmentally friendly at the same time?!?  To check out these eco-friendly suits, click HERE.


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