So this has been on the blogosphere for ages now… my apologies if you’re uber hip to the green scene and demand only the freshest content… if you aren’t fully dialed in, prepare to be amazed!… This teardrop shaped Aptera Typ-1 has fallen from the heavens and is headed straight for American roads…

Yes, it looks like a Dirt Devil, but what does it do?  Well comrades, it was designed and built completely from the ground up and basically shatters conceptions of how an automobile looks (obviously!) and performs.

Let’s look at some of it’s key features:

-It will get an estimated 300 MPG!
-It has an unprecedented drag coefficient of 0.11!
-It has three wheels (two in front and a single drive in the rear), so it is generally classified as a motorcycle.
-It is made with composite materials and will weigh in at 850 lbs!
-Gullwing doors, anyone?!?
-Seats and flooring will be made with recycled materials.
-Dashboard and door panels free of heavy metals and plasticizers.
-Solid safety features, including a 45 inch front crumple zone.
-0-60 in less than 10 seconds,  top speed of 95 mph.
-Running and interior lights will be Light Emitting Diodes.

Speaking of interiors…

Gorgeous!… Radio, CD/DVD and navigation are integrated into an in-sole touch screen and a solar panel on the roof will keep the interior at a comfortable temperature…

LOVE the pedals!

The Aptera is in its pre-order phase right now and two versions will be offered.  An all-electric Typ-1 starts at $26,900 and has a 120 mile range.  Tack on $3,000 more for a diesel-hybrid that will be able to get you between 600-700 miles per tank.  This hybrid claims an astonishing 230 miles per gallon at 55 mph!… Is it just me, or is it pretty incredible to offer a conceptual vehicle like this for under $30,000?

Back to diesel hybrids (quick tangent)… I personally believe that these combined strategies are currently our best option for mass producing a transitional vehicle pre-carbon emission free.  Diesel burns cleaner than gas and gets significantly better efficiency… (look at the TDI line by Volkswagen, 45 mpg without any electric assist).  Throw in the hybrid option and without completely re-engineering our autos or fuel supply, we will be in the triple digit mpg’s in no time… Then throw bio-diesel in the mix and you’re an eco-all star!

I’ll send you out with another shot of the Aptera… Can not wait to see one of these on the roads…. suhweet!



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