Menefee + Winer is an architecture, planning and design firm out of Atlanta.  They have some rockin’ projects in their portfolio, but the one that really caught my eye is a LEED Silver office they built for themselves.


The building, located near the Georgia Tech campus, was a former muffler shop.  It went through a gut rehab and some really progressive eco strategies were implemented.  Let’s go through a couple of ’em:

-high reflective roofing and paving to reduce heat island effect.
high performance building envelope.
-studio is completely daylit.
high-efficiency mechanical and lighting systems.
low-VOC finishes throughout.
-landscaping that requires no irrigation.

I’m curious if they went with yellow because that’s the color of the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets…. seems more than coincidence to me.

… my curiosity was laid to rest with a direct answer from Tony Menefee himself:

“Many have wondered about the color and our proximity to GA Tech. Actually we used the STO Powerwall System and matched their headquarters color in Germany. The standing joke, however, is that my partner Jim won the coin toss and we went with his GA Tech school colors otherwise the building would have been maroon and orange, my school colors at VA Tech.”

Thanks for the response, Tony!


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