I’m not even sure I should be writing about 3form, because I love it so much and want to keep it for myself.  But something this cool must be shared…

3form is a company that produces architectural panels to the trade.  They’ve created EcoResin, an environmentally-friendly material that is completely customizable.  The resin system is made from recycled material and doesn’t off-gas any chemicals…  I could easily write 50 straight posts on innovative case studies of various 3form applications.  As exciting as that sounds, I’m going to write just one today focusing on some smaller, more consumer-based products utilizing 3form.

Let’s start with 3form’s own line of bracelets, available HERE for a mere $20:

A nice little teaser into what the goods looks like.

3form is a lot like a sandwich… There’s always two slices of bread (outside layers of the ecoresin), but what’s on the inside is really what gives a sandwich (and 3form) its flavor.  The designers at 3form have done an incredible job utilizing various materials, from blades of grass, flowers, metallic textiles, wood veneers to vibrant solid colors.

Let’s take a gander at another application… the Haji Handbag:


Fellas, we know our dames love their arm candy… We have to give ’em what they want right?  Might as well do it the Metro Hippie way… high style and eco-friendly!

Tivi is a company that uses 3form quite effectively as well.  Check out this fly belt buckle made with Bear Grass:

They also do bracelets, but add brushed aluminum fittings for a more refined look.

I personally enjoy Tivi’s slogan: “Hot like your mom, tough like your dad.”  That says it all.

To come full circle, 3form produces a gorgeous display bowl in a product called Thatch.
It’s available HERE for $100.

That about covers it… really an incredible product that can be used in oh-so-many ways.  I’m sure I’ll do another posting in the future on its various applications in homes and buildings… Till then.


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